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When I was about fourteen, I had to go live with my aunt for a few weeks because my parents had to go back east to help out my mother's father. My aunt lived alone about a minute from my dad's parents, so they figured it was safe to leave me there, especially since my aunt only had one other son, a kid way younger than me.

I didn't know it then, but apparently my aunt is what most people would call a 'gold digger'. She goes out with guys for a few weeks or months, gets them to pay for a lot of shit, and then dumps them over trivial shit. All this meant to me was that my aunt (who was a bit short, only just taller than me) dressed like a slut, and as I found out acted like one too.

Considering whenever she went out (she had a day job, infrequent as it was, she was probably out trolling for men), she'd always try to look 'nice'. A low cut shirt, something that showed off her body (which was rather thick around the thighs), and makeup. Way too much makeup. Clear signs, I guess, unless you had lived your childhood in relative innocence and the only naughtiness you knew of came from internet porn where the women were already naked.

Anyway, she'd pop in and out of the house at least once a day, and every time, without fail, she'd give me a kiss, right on the lips. Never once for the cheek, and never once did she turn her head when I leaned in to give her a goodbye smooch like a good boy. Just from that very first time it made my stomach lurch and gave me goosebumps. I had an erection after she left for what seemed like an hour (hey, I sure as fuck hadn't gotten very lucky at 14).

After only a few of her kisses (happening daily and often even more than that, as she'd call me to her even when just heading down to my grandparents house down the hill), I got to plotting. After all, I WAS a hormone driven young man, and my rather promiscuous aunt had some of the softest lips ever (maybe just because of the makeup and lipstick, I don't know). So one afternoon, heading out to work (in a blouse cut so low her bra slipped into view constantly), she called me and I came dashing, as usual, to the front door of her house (it was more a doublewide trailer I suppose, but really quite clean and nice, upscale, not like in a trailer park) for my kiss. I was young, but even I knew I had to play it calm and cool. So this time, instead of just leaning my head forward for the kiss, I moved in to hug her.

She obviously wasn't really expecting that, and what started out as a normal, nonchalant kiss turned into something quite a bit more firm. She never hugged me back, not that first time, but to this day I swear to god she smiled, just a bit, and that kiss went on for what was literally ten seconds before she pulled away, chuckling just a bit and telling me she'd be home later.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic. My head was light and buzzing, my stomach was rolling, and my dick (not that it was much at the time) was hard as a rock. I had (thank merciful god) discovered masturbation, so I dashed back into my room (actually my cousin's room, but he was in school, I was lucky in that I got out of mine just by taking a fuckload of homework), and jerked off about three times before I went soft.

My aunt got home again, and seemed to be smorking at me the entire time (possibly because I actually left my cousin's room to just wander around/watch TV when she was in the front room, thank god I was secretive right?). Not even an hour later, she told me she was going down to my grandparents house again, and I sprung up even faster than my cock did. I came in, but this time she was expecting me, and said that I couldn't hug her as it'd muss her clothes up. Needless to say, I was crushed...until we kissed again. It was just like earlier, when I hugged her, but this time she was doing it like it was normal! I swear to god it was another full minute before she pulled away and left, leaving me sweating, confused, and achingly hard.

Anyway, she left again for my grandparents house and came back about an hour later. Dinner was just a little awkward, because I swear she was kind of taunting me, I guess you would say. Her shirt was cut so low that whenever she bent over in the least (as she apparently had a habit of doing when she ate), you could see the sides of each breast entirely. It was, to say the least, hot as hell (she had a nice natural rack, sagging from age but nothing horrendous. Natural). And since my cousin was home by then, I went to sleep on his top bunk with a boner pushing at my pajama pants.

The next day, I woke up with my cousin to see my aunt off to work (she left after him, fortunately). I was actually waiting for her by the door, which I'm guessing made her laugh, as she was giggling right up until she came up. She told me she wanted a hug this time, since it was 'casual Friday', and I was eager to oblige. I gave her the hug, and leaned in and up for the kiss, which came readily. I was already pressed against her before I realized I was hard. I panicked a little bit, squirming ever so slightly, which probably just made it even more noticeable. I was only a kid, but people have a way of feeling cocks jabbing into them. She let me go, trailed a hand across my cheek, and winked at me before leaving.

I was almost too worked up to jerk off (almost), as I was sure I was busted. My parents, while alcoholics, tried to raise me as 'Catholic' as possible. Considering we stopped going to church when I was nine or ten and I lived in a small backwater town where there was not much to do but get in trouble, they failed. But I was still fairly young, and getting a hard on was mostly a private thing, and rubbing it against someone, let alone a family member...well, I'm sure if my mother had even seen a bulge in my pants I'd get rants of how I was going to hell (I know I got them when she found my porn before all this happened). But I got off, waited, paced, watched TV, played my cousin's Playstation, all that. Finally, later, she got home...

...with my cousin. Fuck, I had forgotten he got out of school early that day. He quickly dragged me into his room to play a video game, which we did for a while, with me peeking out his door (which was at the end of the hallway that let you see literally to the other end of the trailer in the living room) for his aunt. After a while, she appeared...apparently in the middle of changing. She was wearing nothing but a bra and panties (ones that looked lacy), and needless to say my cousin started kicking my ass at that game. My aunt glanced over and saw me staring, but I brilliantly looked away after noticing her gaze...but in spite of that, she wandered around outside her door and in that hallway for what seemed like eternity (probably a few minutes), ducking back into her room only when she heard my cousin get up to go to the bathroom.

With my aunt in her room and my cousin in the bathroom for only five or so minutes, I was pretty much screwed, as I had to just sit there sweating bullets as my libido drove me nuts, losing the game we were playing when my cousin got back. Dinner that night was another stare fest, as my aunt's well tanned chest jiggled in her shirt (did I mention she tanned herself [white originally] and had bleached blonde hair? Pretty good for a mid-thirties lady).

It was right near the end of supper that I got some good news. My aunt, in the most relaxed way ever, asked if my cousin was 'still going to spend the weekend at his friend's house'. My cousin had set up a little party with his friend before he knew I was staying there, and it was this weekend. He invited me to come along, but I muttered no, something about not wanting to butt in. My aunt promised him (and me) that she'd find "SOMETHING" for the over 9000 of us to do over the weekend.

I didn't get shit for sleep that night. The latest I usually stayed up on the nights I could was around midnight, but my cousin's alarm clock had the green glow of one thirty in the morning before I finally clonked out. I woke up late (of course), and ran into the hallway and into the kitchen, looking for them, but of course they had left. My aunt left me a note saying so, with a shimmering, sparkley lipstick kiss on it. I still have that damn note somewhere around here.

To try and pass the time, I flipped on the TV in the living room, trying to flip through shitty daytime cable television until she returned. Finally, though, she did, slamming the door behind her and disappearing into her room before I could even get up. Not quite sure what to do, I just stayed on the sofa until she came out, making a beeline for me and smiling. She had changed (I'm guessing) into something more...comfortable, maybe. Suggestive, certainly. Little shorts (almost short shorts on her massive ass and hips), and a skintight top. White, of course, so her nipples danced through the fabric.

She came over and sat down next to me on the sofa, smiling and starting to talk about her day, asking if I enjoyed sleeping in, that small talk chitchat that goes in one ear and out the other. I nodded and smiled and commented on how pretty she looked, which got me a rather wicked chuckle. She asked me what we were watching, and suggested a movie night, since that'd be what my cousin was doing too. I agreed almost immediately, and we set about it, getting stuff ready and making supper and shit before starting. We plugged in a movie, watched and ate, finished up, and went back to the sofa for another movie.

I think it was Titanic, but I couldn't remember the movies to save my life, because that was when my aunt leaned in against me and rested her head on my shoulders, saying she was a bit tired. Since I'm not a total dunce I put my arm around her shoulders immediately, offering comfort and staring more at my hand, just inches from her tit, than the movie itself. She apparently drifted off to sleep soon after that, breathing deep and tired...and I managed to stay in control for a while, but it was too fucking tempting.

It didn't help that she had changed (I'm guessing she changed anyway, I doubt she went outside wearing those clothes) into shorts, almost short shorts on her thick hips and ass, and a white, near see through tanktop that showed off her tits (and to some extent her nipples) really, really well. With my sleeping aunt right under my arm and my hand just a hair's breadth away, I couldn't stop from giving just a tiny brush. At first, anyway. It made me shiver so much I'm surprised she didn't wake up, though looking back now there's little doubt she was awake the whole time.

After that brush was another, and on the third I just kept my finger and thumb against her chest, figuring that 'if she was awake she'd think it was just an accident'. A few minutes after that I shifted and moved my hand a little more. In that agonizingly slow fashion, my relatively young hand was cupping a soft, fat tit with a nipple that was startlingly hard, much like my cock. I was breathing deep, trying to stay calm, when she suddenly moved. Figuring I was dead, I froze, letting her squirm around. She started to lean, but stopped herself with a rather gentle hand on my stomach, one which blew a fuse in my mind when it dropped 'sleepily' to my crotch.

I won't lie to you, /b/. I came like a premature ejaculator the moment her hand touched me. I mean, I was young, it was the first hand ever to touch my dick, and I have no delusions of being some cock god. I blew so much cum I could smell it, which unfortunately meant she could too. The only thing that kept me going (and indeed, kept me from shrivelling in fear) was that her hand was doing a very soft, very subtle sort of squeezing. I didn't even notice it until I had almost stopped cumming, but she didn't stop in time. Had I known that she knew everything, I would've been a bit more confident, but I ignorantly assumed she was sleeping still.

A few seconds after I stopped cumming I realized I was holding her tit so hard it was squeezing out my fingers a little, and I eased up almost instantly. Having been made a bit paranoid by my orgasm, all I did was massage her breast until the movie ended. I was tempted to stay there all night (and indeed was working up some courage again) when she suddenly 'woke up', yawning and apologizing for falling asleep during the movie. I was beet red, sweating, and stank of semen (though mercifully my pants were black cotton and didn't show the stain at all, really). She asked if I had a good time, and I assured her I did, nodding so much my head almost fell off. She smiled, and said she was glad and couldn't wait to spend more time with me tomorrow. But what I wasn't expecting was what happened later that night.

After we cleaned up, we both went our separate ways: her to her bedroom, and me to the bathroom to scoop the cum out of my drawers. I was wearing underwear, so luckily the pants weren't TOO bad, and I put just them on and went to bed (another 'immoral' thing my parents tried to force on me, not wearing underwear. I found it deliciously sensual). Once again, I couldn't sleep, but this time it was more than just nerves. I was horny. Dick throbbingly, cum droolingly horny. I clambered out of the top bunk some time after midnight, and snuck into the hallway, figuring I'd 'just watch some TV or something' until I went to sleep. Of course what I did was walk by my aunt's room about seven times.

That seventh time, I heard a noise. Now, of course, I realize what it was, but hey, when it's your first time hearing a horny woman moan it can be a bit disarming. What was left of my conscience twisted a bit to 'she must be having a nightmare, go make sure she's okay', so I reached up and knocked at her door. The sound instantly stopped, and a few seconds later the door opened a bit. She asked me if I was okay, and I said yeah, and asked the same of her. Of course she was, but she seemed to know that wasn't why I was there. I told her I couldn't sleep, and I thought she was having a nightmare. After a moment, she said she was, and asked if I wanted to come in to sleep with her for the night.

Having an erection so hard I could probably drill through steel, I said yes before she was done talking. She nodded, and opened the door, stepping back a little behind it and letting me in. My aunt's room wasn't huge, considering what she lived in, but it was rather nice and cozy, with a big bed, a walk-in closet, a dresser, TV, all that shit. What I noticed, though, was something that had always piqued my curiousity in her room.

See, she always kept this see through...I guess negligee hanging from a hook near her closet. It was kind of a weird thing, being an odd sort of neon orange. It was more like a very fine mesh tanktop that would go down to about her groin area. And of course, when I looked there, it was gone. Already knowing where it was, I turned around just as she snapped the door shut, leaving only the light from a little white nightlight to see by. She was wearing it, of course, her nipples creating over 9000 little points in the see through fabric, her shape vaguely like an hourglass. Her tits jiggled as she walked towards me, and I distinctly remember her pussy being shaved smooth. I was staring so much my eyes were almost out of their sockets, but she calmly got into bed, turned to face me, and patted the mattress next to her.

I snuggled up next to her as fast as I could, though at that point my head was swimming so badly it was like slow motion. We took up much the same position we had on the sofa, but this time things were much more obvious. Her hand grabbed mine as it wrapped around her and held it, just so happening to push it against her tits as she did so, her other hand coming to rest on my stomach. We snuggled for a bit, and I thought she was going to go to sleep when she shifted, glancing down at the little tent I was making in the bed and asking me if I was sure I was okay. I quickly started apologizing, mumbling a bunch of half-ass excuses that made no real sense. She laughed, and asked if I could sleep with that. Instinctively, I said I'd probably never get to sleep.

After a few silent, dark seconds, she said that she'd 'just have to help make that go away, then'. I looked down at her, and she was staring right up at me, leaning in way too fast and pressing a kiss to me before I knew what was what. Not knowing what else to do, I returned the kiss, pushing into it a bit and gasping as her tongue flickered over my lips. I guess she thought that was a welcome to her, as she started to probe so far into my mouth I swear she was hitting my tonsils (her and her sons all have snake-like tongues).

After nearly screaming from that serpent she lodged in my throat, she pulled away, smiling up at me with a look you've all seen in pornos. That 'I'm going to do something with your dick now' look that makes them apparently very satisified. One thing that strikes me as a bit odd is that she never gave 'the warning'. The 'don't tell anyone, our secret, yadda yadda yadda' crap. She knew what she was doing, and she knew I'd never fucking tell and risk losing it. What she did say was 'I have to wake up early, so after this you have to sleep, okay?', like a mother coaxing a child. Needless to say I was enthralled.

After my agreement she lifted the comforter on her bed and disappeared, becoming a lump under the blankets that quickly gravitated to my cock. Her hands were fiddling with my pajama pants, and after a few moments I got the clue and lifted up so she could slide them off, my cock unrestrained for a brief second until she lowered her mouth down onto my prick.

To this day, tits and blowjobs are my favourite sexual stuff ever, probably because of her. Those soft lips felt like they were still covered in lipstick, mixing in with spit as she slid down my prick. And that tongue, that fucking snake tongue, I swear to god it felt like it was wrapping around my entire dick until no flesh was left uncovered. I was in heaven, on cloud nine...and since I was a young virgin, already close to cumming. For some reason though, even then, I wanted to see. I wanted to watch. Maybe just because of childish curiousity. Whatever the reason I ripped that blanket off like it was on fire and looked.

She was bent over there, staring up at me with chocolate coloured eyes, her lips around the root of my cock. At that instant, as if she knew what to do (and let's face it, she did), she pulled her tongue off my prick and started to make the most lewd, slutty suckling noises I've ever heard. I still remember that fucking sound years later. It was right then that I came. Another huge fucking load thanks to my youth and libido, and that hot fucking whore that is my fucking AUNT sucked it down. Every fucking drop, gulped down with the swallows so loud the neighbors should have heard them. Time did that nifty little trick where it turns seconds into hours, forcing my aunt to take the longest, slowest swallows in the history of earth.

After that eternity that probably lasted maybe five whole minutes, my aunt had me clean and was back up against me, under my arm and pulling the blankets over us like nothing happened, like she hadn't just blown her nephew so amazingly his brain came out his cock. She just told me to 'get some rest now honey' before sighing, her breathing smelling so strongly of cum my head hurt. Dazed, exhausted, and drained, I fairly passed out after that.

I woke up the morning after even more disoriented than usual, considering I had only just gotten used to sleeping in my cousin's top bunk and now I was waking up in my aunt's bed. She also wasn't in it at the time, which had me even more confused, but I didn't really waste any time getting up. It took me all of over 9000 seconds to remember what happened, and then to notice I was naked, so I remember tossing my pajama pants on just in case. I went out into the hall and turned down it, heading to the kitchen. She lived in that rather nice little double wide trailer, if you all recall, so it's not like I had to look around a lot to find out where she went.

I got into the kitchen and was greated with over 9000 sights that both hit parts of my anatomy. One was that my aunt was up, standing there, and still only wearing that oddly coloured (neon orange) but still rather hot see through tanktop/nightie thing. The second was that she was cooking breakfast, which from the smell of it was bacon and eggs. She turned and saw me, laughing a little (I still don't know why, maybe because I had my pants on) and saying good morning. She told me to sit down as she was just about to wake me up for breakfast anyway, so I sat and got a plate of bacon and eggs. She added some to her own plate and sat down across from me to eat.

Breakfast was more than a bit awkward at first, simply because she was quiet and I sure as hell didn't know what to say. I was about fourteen to remind you all, so it's not like I was a smooth talker or really suave with women, especially not when that woman was my aunt. Finally she ended up asking me how I was feeling, small talk like that. I kind of mumbled some answers, torn between looking at my plate and staring openly at her tits. After a bit of chit chat she finally asked me if I enjoyed last night. I answered yeah (probably a bit too quickly), and she kind of nodded, smiling and telling me she did too.

She started going on about how I was smart enough to know this was a secret, and stuff like that, both a warning and an ego boost to my naive self (since she was implying I already knew all this), but the main thing that struck me was that she wasn't trying to hide it or say it never happened. I was already anticipating doing it again, and that was her next question. I told her I'd love for it to happen again, it felt really good, it was really hot, she was really hot, babble babble babble. My blood was already rushing to my groin again by that point so what little logic and calmness I had was out the window.

I didn't know it at the time, but of course I was playing right into her fucking hand. Childish innocence coupled with sexual gratification can be totally controlled with just a bit of manipulation, and my gold digging aunt had just about over 9000 decades of practice on me. She said as long as I was a good boy, she could see 'it' happening again, for as long as I was staying with her, but that was it, and only if I did just as she said. I promised her I would (I would've signed my soul over to her at that point), and she seemed pleased.

We finished up breakfast, and she told me she had to go down to my grandparent's house. I figured that meant I'd have a few hours to myself again, but this time I found out that I was going with her. She took a shower and we both got dressed (though she infuratingly didn't allow anything to happen) before heading out, taking the short walk to my grandparent's house together. I was still feeling a bit flustered and turned on, but I thought I'd have to wait until we got back home to do anything more. Turns out I was delightfully, nerve-wrackingly wrong, though.

We got down to my grandparent's house, which is a really nice, rather large over 9000 story house he built by himself. My grandparents are down to earth Catholic types, and my grandfather was a carpenter. I guess he was emulating the bible or something, I don't know, all I know is this house was big and nice, a remnant from when they had kids living with them still. We went down and my aunt went inside to talk to my grandmother, telling me to help my grandfather pile some firewood between the fence and the shed. I was more than a little miffed, but I sure as hell wasn't going to complain to her, so I just kind of went along with it.

An hour later I'm sweating my ass off in a cramped little space between a pile of wood, the corner of the fence, and the back of the shed, leaving a narrow little path around the side and back to the yard. We'd gotten the pile fairly tall, when my grandmother calls out that my grandfather has a telephone call. He tells me to keep going while he's gone, and heads into the house to answer it. I move about over 9000 more chunks of wood before my aunt's voice suddenly asks how I'm doing, nearly scaring the shit out of me. I turn around and she's standing there, her more modest outfit of a skirt and white blouse made a tad dirtier by the fact that she's unbuttoned quite a few buttons on it. I say I'm not too bad, just kind of hot, and she smiles and says she is too. Looking back now it was corny as hell, but fuck it was pretty hot back then.

For a very brief moment I thought I was mistaken and she meant it innocently, but then before I could blink we were sharing another of those long, rather firm kisses, the heat making her lipstick smear against my mouth a little bit before she pulled away. Needless to say I was starting to get some blood flowing again, but I managed to use what little logic I had at the time to reason that there's no way she would do something with my grandparents able to walk out and find us doing something any second.

Maybe she caught my worry at being caught, maybe she just wasn't THAT big of a slut, or maybe she wasn't going to do anything all along and just wanted to tease what was to her a toy. Whatever the case, she gave me a little wink and said nothing was going to happen here, so I should calm 'that' down. Of course as she said 'that', her hand came out to push against my crotch. My stomach did a flip flop at that touch, but before I could do anything the backdoor opened and we heard my grandparents talking. My aunt was gone before I could even look back from glancing out at the yard, and all too soon my grandfather was back, reprimanding me for not getting much done while he was gone. His grumbling stopped though, when he suddenly asked me what was on my mouth. My gut tied itself into so many knots I was surprised I didn't just vomit right there, but I quickly mumbled something about food or something before bringing my tank top up to wipe it off. Looking back now I was lucky as hell it was a kind of red tank top and my grandfather didn't look too close, as my aunt's lipstick was pretty easily identifiable.

After that, fortunately (or maybe unfortunately), not a whole lot more happened, at least for then. We finished stacking up the wood, and I went into their bathroom to try and wash my lips and my tank top off before being seen, just in case my grandmother had sharper eyes than my grandfather did. They sat around talking for a little bit and I was wandering around the yard when a car pulls up and my cousin's friends drop him off, as apparently he was coming home that day. I remember feeling incredibly cheated, the way only a child can, as I figured my aunt must have ripped me off or lied to me. We all walked back home, and to my disappointment nothing happened then, or at dinner. My aunt didn't even really flash much at me from across the table. That night, though, as she said good night to me and my cousin, she whispered into my ear that my cousin went back to school Tuesday, the day after tomorrow. I was young, but I wasn't stupid, and my imagination started kicking into high gear again.

The next day (Monday) passed without incident, so there's not much to say. My cousin stayed home (he apparently left his friend's house early to come hang out with me, what a sport) and we didn't do much but play some video games and run around his yard. My aunt worked that day and thus wasn't around much, and since she had already set up an impromptu date for Tuesday, that meant she apparently wasn't going to do anything today. I went to bed with only wild fantasies about the next day.

I woke up admittedly later than usual due to a lack of sleep thanks to sexy scenarios and the erection of a boy who hasn't jerked off recently, but I sprung up and dashed out as fast as I could to find my aunt, who was sitting on the sofa in the front room, watching some TV in a robe. Considering my aunt's gold digging ways and love of opulence, the fact that it was a kind of silky robe as opposed to cotton or something wasn't too surprising. She once patted the sofa and once again bade me good morning, leaning in for a little kiss after I sat down. I said good morning to her too, and asked if we were going to do anything today. She slapped my thigh and said I needed to be patient, and to go get some breakfast first. I inhaled those pop tarts so fast I don't think I actually chewed them, and was back sitting next to her waiting before her commercial break was over.

She laughed and said I was eager, and asked what I'd like to do then. Put on the spot I just muttered a little about 'more of what happened that night', not really sure how to say 'suck my cock' to my aunt when I was that young. Shea sked if there was something I wanted besides that, and I was kind of stunned for a minute there. I had no idea how far she was going with this, but even at that age I'd seen enough porn (thank you, internet and porno mags) to know what all there was to do. Stupidly, perhaps (at least in the eyes of all you people who want FULL FORCE ALL THREE HOLES right now), I told her I wanted to make her feel good too. She grinned, making some comment on what a 'nice boy' I was before she stood up and dropped her robe.

If I had actually had a larger cock back then I'm fairly sure it would have ripped right through my pants. As is I did manage to tent them, which my aunt seemed to appreciate. She sat back down, and reached out, her arm wrapping around my shoulders and pulling me in. Since it had been so hot then, I regularly slept in only pajama pants, which means her bare arm was against my shoulders and back, the skin to skin contact almost making me purr. She told me I could start 'here', and pushed my face right up against her tits. The only real reason I didn't cum right then is because I had came more in the last few days than I normally did in an entire week.

Taking the hint, I opened my mouth up and started to suck at one of her nipples. She almost immediately had to instruct my naive ass on what to do, as acting like an infant, turns out, doesn't quite turn a woman on (at least, not my aunt). After a few minutes I was kissing, licking, and even teasing her nipples a bit, enough to at least make her shiver some (I was kind of proud, I remember). She was feeling either impatient or horny, though, as she rather quickly told me to get on my knees between her legs, as it was time for me to pay her back, as it were, for that blowjob.

By the time I actually made it to the floor I was shaking like a leaf. Perhaps some of you were super suave when you first went down on some chick, but I was fourteen and it was my aunt. I was nervous as hell. She told me to calm down, and spread her legs like she was revealing the holy god damn grail or something. She was shaved (almost fresh shaved, from how smooth she got it), and clean, though it was the smell more than anything that sticks with me. I think everyone remembers the smell of their first pussy. When it belongs to a relative it just tends to get more vivid.

She told me to 'go ahead' and that she'd tell me what to do, basically letting me explore her. I remember the first thing I did (embarassingly) was to turn my head sideways and plant a slightly awkward kiss on her labia. She was either too stunned or too hot to act (as she was surprisingly wet already, I guess she got off on the fact that she was grinding her cunt into her nephew's face), but she didn't laugh at me, thank god. After I did that and was starting to lick at her a bit, I noticed that my aunt had a fairly big clit. It probably wouldn't seem that big now (though I know it was larger than normal), but that fucker looked like it was damn near an inch long back then. Knowing what it does and what could be done with it, I opened my mouth and let my tongue flick across it.

As usually happens when you do something right, my aunt moaned and pushed against my mouth hard enough to push me back a little from where I was kneeling. Considering she knew I didn't know jack crap about performing I kind of doubt she was faking it for me, especially since she was still managing to tell me what to do whenever I started to do something wrong. Enjoying it or not she still made sure she got exactly what she wanted, and the ego boost I got from knowing I was pleasing her on some level kept me hard enough to not worry about my dick until she had had enough.

That was also when I learned that not all women have huge waterfalls of orgasms like the porn I had seen. My aunt suddenly pushed me away about five or ten minutes later, gasping, and I asked what was wrong. She laughed a little bit and said nothing, she had just came and needed a breather. I was a bit dumbfounded, but again, I'm not going to argue with the woman at that point. She breathed deep a little bit, calming down I guess and asking me if I liked that. I assured her I did and would do it again, which made her laugh and shake her head. She asked what I wanted now, and I kind of looked between my crotch and hers until she got the message. She said that'd have to wait 'because your cousin will be home from school you'll have to settle with something else'.

I got back up on the couch, a little excited and a little disappointed. She didn't say no, just not now, so that put a spark of hope in me that kept me eager the entire rest of my time with here (right up until it happened). Figuring I was in for another blowjob, I kind of opened my legs and leaned back, getting out of her way as she moved in on me. She started out by jerking me off (which I'll admit was kind of exciting if only because hey, I'd never had another hand on my cock besides hers), and I figured she was going to lean in and open wide at any time when she instead let me go.

Feeling a little disappointed (again) and this time more than a little confused, I almost asked what was wrong, though I was interrupted when she grabbed her tits with both hands and pushed them around my cock. I had never seen that before (I wasn't that adventuresome with porn at that age), and not just seeing but experiencing shit like that can blow your fucking mind, not to mention your load. She managed to get about six strokes in before I couldn't take it any more and just started cumming without really warning her. The result was that cum spurted everywhere: between her tits, on her neck and chin, even up into the air to fall back down onto her face and hair. To this day I can see it perfectly, and it's one of the hottest sights I've ever seen.

My aunt smiled at me when it was over and made some comment about cum. I couldn't tell you what she said though, as she started scooping it up off her face and tits and swallowing it, which means my mind was blank from that point up until she pulled away from me and started reaching for her robe. She told me she hoped I enjoyed it, and after babbling that I did she told me she'd make 'next time very special'. I said thanks and that this time was special too, but she told me she'd have to give me a going away present 'for being such a good kid'. Considering how many promises she was making and how she was buttering me up, I should have seen that some kind of catch was coming from about a mile away, but I of course had no idea until she told me that my grandparents were taking me and my cousin (her son) camping for the next few days. Needless to say I threw the biggest piss and moan fest of my life, but she let me vent for a few minutes before telling me that if I wasn't good, I wouldn't get my reward, as she put it. Once again I was in the palm of her hand and played like a fool, but I sullenly agreed after a while, and promised to at least TRY to have fun. (Call it a cop out if you want, this is what happened. If you think you''re irritated/pissed imagine how I felt.)

Long story short (too late, I know), the next four days were not too bad, but could have been better. Considering I could have been fucking my aunt things could have been better. We spent four damn days out there before heading back. We got home Sunday, and my parents were getting back and picking me up Tuesday, so all we had left was Monday to try and squeeze in my 'reward' after my aunt got home from work and before my cousin got home from school.

We got back Sunday like I said, and of course my cousin was still all hyper about hanging out with me, so I didn't get much of a chance to even see much of my aunt. And of course she worked Monday, so when I finally woke up she had already gone, leaving me with a few hours of nerve-wracking downtime to try and not freak out (and to jerk off). When she finally got home hours later I was waiting by the door in a pair of shorts. She told me to give her about fifteen minutes, and disappeared into her room. It was another painstaking little gap, but finally she clicked her door open (to find I had been standing right outside the entire fifteen minutes) and invited me in.

When I got inside I discovered my aunt in quite possibly the most hot god damn outfit I've ever seen (to this day I love when women wear something like this). She was completely slutted up, if you want to be straightfoward about it. Some makeup and all that jazz, but her outfit is what I'm talking about. A low cut, lacy black bra that also happened to have see-through cups, see-through nylon stockings connected to a fucking garter belt (which GOD DAMN I LOVE) and a matching set of black, lazy panties. For a moment I thought something was a bit odd about them, when I finally made the connection that they were crotchless.

Discovering crothless panties thanks to your aunt can be an amazing revelation as I discovered, and my aunt seemed to guess I was going to do whatever the hell she said at this point, because I would. That lady had me so wrapped around her little finger I would have done anything she said. Fortunately all she was doing tonight, it seems, was giving me what she promised.

She told me that my grandparents said I was perfect for the whole vacation, and that it seemed like I had a good time, which meant that tonight she was going to let 'it' happen. I didn't have many illusions left about what it was, and any remaining doubts flew out the window when she moved onto her back on the bed and spread her legs, watching me the entire time with a little smirk playing about her eyes. She told me to come over to her and 'see how I liked it'. I was standing at the foot of the bed so fast I almost fell on to her, but being the nervous innocent boy, I asked her about condoms or something. I flinch now in retrospect, but she just giggled and mentioned about how I was sweet, and not to worry, as she had her tubes tied long ago, meaning she was in the clear.

I probably should have guessed that she had her tubes tied or was on the pill or something (now it's fairly clear, considering how many guys she uses for money), but back then I was looking at her like she was handing me the Ten Commandments or something. Of course that also meant that the moment had come, and I stepped right up next to her. Considering I was still a fourteen year old virgin, god knows I barely knew what I was doing, but I had just jacked off and I figured if I took it slow I could pull off something at least a little impressive. Right when my cock touched her, her hand dropped down and she started rubbing against her clit, which was like pressing a GO button for me, as I leaned in and slipped inside of her.

For all of you who've had sex before you know the feeling, but it was still fantastic. That heat, the wetness, enveloping every bit of you (not that I had much to brag about at that age), sweet and ineffable even in its tangibility. The fact that it was my aunt, my father's sister, made it even more erotic for fairly obvious reasons. My aunt was already moaning up a storm (I had not at that time heard of 'faking it', and at that age I wouldn't know jack shit about whether she was sincere or not), and all I knew was that this was one of the hottest moments of my life. My groin bumped against her, and I pulled back, almost pulling out before sliding back in. I was trying to take it slow, trying to take it easy, but I knew I wasn't gonna last more than a few minutes tops, and sure enough, it being my first fuck and it being my moaning aunt, after a few minutes I started to moan and tried desperately to tell her I was gonna cum. She, for whatever reason, started yelling at me to go faster and harder, and considering I was so caught up in the moment I just started ramming it home as quick as I could. She was barely a few inches taller than me at that age, so I actually got her bouncing and squealing pretty good before I finally gave up and dumped a steaming load of cum inside my aunt. Maybe it's just me, but knowing your jism is blasting into a relative to make a sticky wad of incestuous seed gets me off every fucking time.

That was probably the first (and one of the only) times in my entire life that I could swear I felt every single cell in my cock. I felt like I came gallons. Back when it actually happened I remember (stupidly) being sure that I HAD cum some inhuman amount, like I could fill up a coffee mug with semen. I hadn't, of course, but it was still a surprisingly large torrent of seed (according to my aunt), and I was drained as fuck by the time it stopped. I braced myself against the bed and just concentrated on breathing for a little while, until my aunt sat up a bit from where she'd laid back on the bed to kiss me. While I may have cum my brains out, she at least wanted a bit more, and pulled at me so much I almost didn't have to crawl myself onto the bed, ending up there next to her and (another first, now that I think about it) making out with my aunt like we we horny kids, (which was partly right). While the other kisses had been either chaste or suggestive, these just kinda felt passionate, wild, due in equal parts to my inexperience and her naturally slutty nature, I'm guessing.

After just a few more minutes of the sloppy after-sex makeout, I just kind of fell back breathing as my aunt pulled me under her arm. The position kind of made me think of my mother, which kind of made me squirm in and of itself. My aunt let me catch my breath before asking if I was okay, and if it was good, and, lacking anything intelligible to say, I just nodded real fast, my head and face rubbing against one of her tits as I did so. She said good, but we couldn't stay too much longer like this because my cousin would be coming home in a little while.
We laid together on the bed for about half an hour more just kind of feeling around before my aunt finally said that we had to get cleaned up. After we both were appropriate for her son to see, she took me into the kitchen and said that this was fun, but it wasn't going to happen often, if at all, one time thing, you need to date outside the family, all that happy crappy talk the instigating relative gives their seduced relative after having some fun. I was disappointed, to be honest, but I promised I wouldn't tell, I wouldn't bring it up with her at the next family get together, etc etc. Her son got home later that day, and we just sat around playing video games again.

My parents came home and picked me up the next day. I was happy to see them, though the prospect of no more sex with my aunt was kind of a downer. And she indeed held to her word pretty well, because for about the next four years she barely even hugged me, especially not as I got older, and just kept dating other men and getting them to pay for shit for her. That being said, when I was eighteen something else happened, but eh. That's a story for a different time.